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8 Best Video Streaming Apps For Android Devices In 2022

Video streaming is not only a word but also an essential requirement in today’s tech world. In this internet-based modern world, the concept of entertainment shifted from TV to many other devices. When we talk about mobile and its apps, then we generally combine tablet and mobile together. As we know, both are from the same (android) platform and share the same store for downloading apps, but it is not true; the resolution and crop ratio of the tablet is different from mobile.

I used Fire HD 10 for general use and watching videos. Apps are similar but not exactly the same the icon arrangement and resolution are slightly different than the similar mobile apps. Tablet apps include a modified layout that serves another purpose than phones.

Video Streaming Apps For Android

Top 8 Video Streaming Apps For Android Devices

Your phone is your personal device for fast response and notifications. Help to connect with the outer world but also waste small chunks of time. The streaming apps of android devices do well on any platform, even on a tablet or other various screen sizes.

Keeping all this in mind, we make these small lists of best streaming apps for android devices. And also look and feel perfect on tablets too.

Many of these apps offer you on-demand video content, some offer favorite serials, and some offer both of them. But some of them are free with plenty of ads, and on the other hand, you can pay and enjoy the premium services.

Now its enough intro about the apps; let’s come to the list of best streaming apps for android devices:-

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest internet companies by revenue and popular where you can find your content easily. Shows and movies are highly rated with high-quality picture quality. It runs on any device like smart TV, laptop, tab, or mobile phone. No matter where you are, you just need an internet connection to enjoy and pass your time. Netflix is available in almost all countries. It supports 4K, Chromecast and game consoles, HDR10, and Dolby vision.

2. Amazon Prime Video

The brand name is enough for its advertisement, no need to explain more about it. But the shows and other contents are excellent and preferred by all the age group. It has managed the right from the biggest production houses and thus can show the latest movies online. It has also acquired rights for live sports like NFL, ATP, Premier League. It is a global service. New releases and recently released movies are available here, and if you may more, there is an excellent option for multiple languages and ads free.

3. HBO Now

This is a primarily on-demand video streaming service and now available on Android TV, where you can easily watch programs. Bring the latest collection as soon as possible. Quality is good and still the best on the high-resolution TV screen. Many other programs like documentaries and other podcasts are also available there. Just a single subscription, and you can play on any android device.

4. Showbox

One of the leading streaming apps for android devices is Showbox. One of the best things is you can get a lot of features without any cost. Have many other subscriptions based on your need where you can get the content for free? Also, no ads are there to disturb during your favorite shows. You can check Alternative Apps for Showbox.

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a free streaming service that allows you to watch your favorite shows, movies, and other famous shows. The availability may be pretty slow, but you can watch it without paying any penny if you can wait. Watch later options, just like YouTube to watch it any time you left it before. Since this is free, sometimes some ads display this time you have to watch it.

6. Tubi

Tubi is legal apps that provide free content video. Just download and play it no need to get any subscription or credit card data requirement. HD quality movies available weekly, so sometimes you have to wait for few days. 

Some content may be abundant, but that’s not a big deal. It is user-friendly and fast too. There is something present for all aged groups: some old stuff and classical music and shows.

7. Kanopy

Know for its name and famous for on-demand video content. Massive collections of movies and award-winning shows are there to make you happy and pass you time. There is also a kids section are there. More than 10k videos are present, like movies and TV series, educational content, and animated books. If you are a parent and think about your kids’ education and entertainment and want to have a good time with them, you can use it. I promise you will be happy after using it.

8. IMDb Free drive

Hope everyone here this name at least once. This is one of the most extensive add free streaming channels. Also, provide the best rating for the movies and series. It is supported in various android devices like tablets, mobile, and TV. You will find movie reviews, ratings, and more related information. Later is owned by Amazon, and you can log in with other social media sites like Facebook or Google. Movie alert features keep you updated if something new releases.

Final Verdict

Finally, we come to the need of our discussion and hope everything is now clear to you. You have many options to choose from, but it all depends on what you want and your requirement. You can choose many options, either free one without ads and high quality or go for free services with minimal to tons of ads.


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