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15 Best PS2 Emulators for Android In 2023

If you’re a gamer, then you know that the PS2 era was one of the best. Many people still reminisce on their favorite titles from this generation, such as Metal Gear Solid 2 and Devil May Cry 3.

If you want to experience your favorite games from back in the day without having to buy an expensive console or hunting down used hardware, then it’s time to find a PS2 emulator for Android!

PS2 Emulator For Android

In this blog post, we will cover 15 different options so that gamers can get right into gaming with no hassle whatsoever!

What Is a PS2 Emulator?

A PS2 emulator is software that imitates the PlayStation console, allowing you to play games from this generation on your phone or tablet. While some require proprietary hardware such as RetroArch and Libretro, which are specially designed for Android devices, others can run on any device with an Android version greater than or equal to 11.0 (the minimum requirement).

15 Best PS2 Emulators for Android

These are some of the best PS2 emulators for Android that are available to download right now.

#1. Play

Play is a PS2 emulator for Android that is available for free on the Play Store. The UI of this app is a little bit different, and it operates in portrait mode, but some settings can be customized to change its orientation. This emulator also contains an option to record gameplay videos or take screenshots from within the application so you can share your gaming moments with friends!

The controls require some calibration when first using this emulator and some tinkering while playing games if they’re not working correctly. However, these inconveniences are worth dealing with because this PSMPlay has impressive features such as support for external controllers (though their compatibility varies), high-resolution graphics, gamepad support, and even overclocking abilities.


PPSSPP is one of the best-known and most trusted PlayStation emulators available for Android devices. It’s one of the best-rated ones, with a rating of about four out of five stars on Google Play Store.

PPSSPP is free to download but requires in-app purchases if you want access to more features such as gamepad support or high-resolution graphics. Nonetheless, it has plenty going for it even without these additional features, so PPSSPPs popularity makes sense because this emulator is highly configurable, easy to use, offers compatibility with external controllers (though their compatibility varies), and can be overclocked too!

#3. Damon PS2 Pro

Damon PS2 Pro is another one of the most popular PlayStation emulators for Android devices. It has a rating of about four out of five stars on the Google Play store, and it’s highly acclaimed because Damon runs smoothly even when overclocked (though you won’t need to do this if all your games run fine as-is).

It also supports external controllers like other high-quality Playstation emulators, but to use them, you may have to root your device first.

You can also install various plugins for the emulator, which are available on its website.

Damon PS2 Pro is free, and it’s been recently updated with a new layout as well!

If you don’t want to root your device or buy an expensive controller, then Damon might be worth trying because it offers excellent features at no cost.


PTWOE is another great emulator for Android.

It may not be as good as other emulators on the list, but it’s worth trying because of its stability and compatibility.

This PS2 emulator was also recently updated to support external controllers, which is a big plus!

PTWOE will run fine without rooting or overclocking your device, so you don’t need to worry about anything like that if all your games are running just fine already.

PTWOE allows you to install plugins from their website to play specific Playstation titles – such as Resident Evil Director’s Cut – with ease. In contrast, others require an additional software download before working with the app itself (note: this requires root). It has been downloaded over 100 thousand times and very famous.

The PS2 emulator is one of the best out there and has proven time and again to be a stable, reliable gaming experience with excellent compatibility. If you’re looking for an easy way to play all your classic games without any hassle, this app is worth checking out.

#5. Golden PS2

Golden PS2 is a free PS emulator for Android that is available in the Google Play Store. It has been downloaded over 200 thousand times and very popular all around the world.

This app is easy to use, lets you play games at 60fps or higher with a slight lag, offers tons of customization options like controller skins and video filters and works on both phones and tablets running Lollipop OS or later. In addition to this, it’s also great for multitasking since it can go into portrait mode while playing, so you can browse through other apps without pausing your game!

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#6. Pro Playstation

In our opinion, Pro Playstation is the best PS emulator for Android. It has a great UI and features gamepad support and overclocking, so you can play games at 60fps! There are no ads to worry about, which means that everything from loading screens to in-game menus will be smooth and without lag.

We recommend this app if you’re looking for a simple way to enjoy your favorite classic games on the go with little hassle or fuss.

#7. FPSE

It is one of the most used and downloaded emulators. FPSE is a great emulator for PS games and PSP if you’re running Android OS Lollipop or later. In our opinion, it’s the best alternative to Pro Playstation since they have many of the same features but are not as easy to use!

We recommend this app if you want an open-source option that can play almost any game from either console on your phone without having lag issues or other technical difficulties.

Best PS2 Emulator For Android You can play high-resolution games with FPSE. The best part is that you can download and install new games from various websites, making it perfect for any avid gamer!

This is the most stable emulator out of all the others. With a straightforward UI, this will be your go-to app when playing Pokémon or other RPGs on your phone with no problems whatsoever.

#8. New PS2 Emulator

This is the newest app out of all of them, and it’s pretty good. The only issue is that they’re not as popular, so their support team can be a bit slower than others when answering questions or problems with the software, but there are many tutorials on YouTube you can use for assistance!

The New PSX Emulator has one main feature which makes this better than other emulators- your game data never leaves your phone! This means no more downloading files from websites, waiting for hours, and having issues related to bugs in certain games. With just a few taps, you’ll have new content downloaded onto your device without any hassle at all.

If you need an emulator where everything happens right on the screen, then this is the one for you.

If you love playing your favorite games on the go, then this is a must-have app! You’ll be able to take it anywhere and never have to worry about how much space it takes up or whether there’s an internet connection available. Keep in mind that not all games are compatible with mobile devices, so if the game isn’t working correctly, try another emulator!

#9. Free Pro PS2 Emulator

This is one of the best PS2 emulators for Android. It’s a free app that has all the features of most other emulators.

The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use, with just one button at the bottom of the screen for controls. This emulator also supports downloading games to play them offline without downloading new content every time, saving battery life as well! Plus, it doesn’t take up much space on your phone or tablet – perfect if you’re always running low on storage space!

Unfortunately, this isn’t compatible with multiplayer games, but it does have some great options like letting users save their progress and restore points in-game (great when playing older RPGs!).

There are no advertisements inside this application which means fewer distractions while trying to enjoy your favorite game.

#10. NDS Emulator

NDS is a free Android emulator which is compatible with all versions of the Android operating system. It features a simple interface that allows you to enjoy your favorite games on a massive screen without buying an expensive device!

This emulator also includes support for game controllers and physical keyboards, so it’s perfect if you want to play some older PC games too!

Plus, there are no advertisements inside this application which means fewer distractions while enjoying your favorite game.

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#11. GOLD PS2 Emulator

GOLD PS2 Emulator is an excellent app for playing all your favorite games on Android. It’s compatible with all operating system versions and offers support for game controllers, keyboards, mice, or touch input.

The emulator features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows you to load multiple ROMs at once so you can play them back-to-back without having to switch between different applications!

You can also find an extensive database of ROMs, which can be downloaded for free.

You’ll find a lot of great games in your library, including some classics from Sony’s PlayStation console series.

#12. Rapid PSP Emulator

The Rapid PSP Emulator is the perfect emulator for all those who want to enjoy their favorite PlayStation titles on a mobile device.

It offers both touch and hardware controller support, allowing you to play faster without sacrificing any original quality!

Furthermore, this app features an extensive database of games that includes some classics from Sony’s beloved series.

You’ll also find more than just video game ROMs here as there are other types of media available, too, such as ebooks or wallpapers.

This one will allow you to finally experience your favorites even if they’re not supported by your phone’s operating system anymore!

#13. Free HD PS2 Emulator

The Free HD PS2 Emulator is an excellent option for those looking for an emulator free of cost.

It was specially made to emulate the PlayStation, so if you’re not interested in playing your games on anything besides Sony’s console, then this one might be perfect for you!

This app also offers support for both touch and hardware controllers and many different languages like English or Japanese (you can even download more!).

Plus, it has a very easy-to-use interface with tons of customizations available: from changing how the gamepad appears to tweak settings based on what type of device you have. You’ll never get bored trying out all these options because there are plenty here!

#14. Pro PPSS2 Emulator

The Pro PPSS2 Emulator is one of the most popular out there – and with good reason! It’s free, easy to use, and offers excellent compatibility.

It supports up to five different languages: English, German, Polish, Russian and French, so you’ll never have a problem figuring out how to make it work in your language if that happens to be what you prefer. Plus, this emulator is pretty lightweight, too, which means it won’t take up much space on your device or battery life either.

The Pro PPSS Emulator does require Android KitKat (or newer), though, so keep that in mind before downloading as not everyone has an updated version yet. But no worries, because even if you don’t update right away after installing this app, updates will be automatically downloaded and installed in the background, so you’ll always have a fresh, new version of Pro PPSS Emulator.

Best PS2 Emulator For Android

#15. EmuBox PS2 Emulator

This emulator is an excellent choice because it has so many features and customization options which means you can get the perfect setup for your needs. You’ll have access to tons of different PlayStation games from all around the world, too, including English language versions if that’s what you prefer to play with. Plus, EmuBox PSX Emulator also supports just about any file type there is, so the chances are high that anything new will work with this app without any issue.

The only downside might be how big some of these feature sets can make things, but in return, you’re getting pretty powerful controls as well, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not Pro PPSS Emulator is suitable for you.

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FAQs On Best PS2 Emulators for Android

#1. Are there any good PS2 emulators?

Yes, different PS2 emulators are compatible with Android, but some might be better than others. Make sure to choose one of the best PS2 Emulators for Android-based on your preference and needs.

#2. Can PCSX2 run on Android?

Yes, PCSX2 can be run on Android. The PS2 emulator can also support just about any file type there is, so the chances are high that anything new will work with this app without any issue.

#3. What Is A Best PS2 Emulator That Works With Android Devices?

There are many best ps2 emulators available, and one among them is the Mudbox PRO which provides a wide range of features to enhance your gaming experience.

#4. How much RAM do I need for the PS2 emulator?

2GB of RAM is enough for most of the PS2 emulator. If Your phone has more RAM, then you can use it to play better games in the emulator.

#5. How can I play PS2 games on Android?

You can download a Best PS2 Emulator For Android, which is compatible with your Android device to play PS2 games.

#6. Can we download PS2 games from Internet?

Yes, you can download PS2 games from the Internet and use a Best Emulator to play them on your Android device.

#7. Can you jailbreak a PS2?

No, it is impossible to jailbreak a PS. You have to buy the games to play them on the emulator.

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As the PS2 era is coming to a close, and many gamers are getting ready for their next-gen console purchase, there’s no better time than now to look back at some of the best emulators available on Android.

Whether you’re looking for something free or want an emulator with bells and whistles that mimic your favorite game system as closely as possible, we have all bases covered in this list.

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