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Best Free Paid Apps On Apple App Store

Apple App Store for iPhone is a marketplace where customers can purchase and download different types of software applications. You can get free paid apps on the Apple App Store when there is a sale going on, or the developer has enlisted the app for free.

The apps sold through the App Stores are only meant for the iPhone devices, and they are cloud-based and synced to individual iCloud accounts. The term App Store got into popularity only to Apple’s App Store for iPhone smartphones.

free paid apps from app store

Apple also filed a case against Amazon in 2011, where they claimed calling its online store of apps for Android devices an App Store infringed Apple’s brand name. The judge in the jury found that the term App Store conducted to Apple’s brand name; thus, the name was labeled to them.

Best Free Paid Apps

While most of the apps that are enlisted on the App Store are paid apps but often the developers out of generosity engage those paid apps free of cost. However, this being for a limited period must be availed quickly, and for not missing that we will be updating this page regularly.

Advantages of Free Paid Apps

  •  Free from ads: This helps you save your monthly data, enjoy uninterrupted gaming. It also helps you from getting distracted if you’re using any productivity app.
  • More features: Paid apps aren’t just ads-free; they even have more features than free apps. As users are paying for the app, they get access to unlocked features.
  • New updates: Regular updates is another reason why it is better than free apps.
  1. Click on the app which you wish to download for free.
  2. Tap on “Get it” if it is still free.
  3. Tap on Install and enter your password or use your Touch ID when asked.
  4. Now, wait for the download to finish.
  5. Open and enjoy the free paid app.

1. Hobbity – Habit Tracker

Hobitty helps you to achieve your long-term goals by creating and maintaining good habits. It has tracker, advanced statistics, and smart reminders. It is a good productivity app that can organize your life by providing an overview of everything that is required daily.

free paid apps

2. Hey Camera

Hey-Camera is a voice-activated app for capturing photos and videos using your voice. You can pre-set your voice commands for taking a photo, start/stop a video recording, and reversing the camera.

hey camera free

‎Hey Camera
Price: Free+

3. Random (Number Generator)

A simple random number generator app can set the minimum and maximum numbers and be used by pressing the “Generate” button.

random number generator app free

‎Random (Number Generator)
Price: 2,49 €

4. Past Life Regression Pro

  • Connect with your past lives
  • Boost positive energy
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Clear your mind
  • Understand your path in life
  • Boost your confidence

free premium app

5. Filmr – Video Editor & Filter

Filmr is a video editor and filter app which lets you trim the videos and add music of your choice in an effortless, fast, and intuitive way. You can add premium filters to your videos and make it look like a professional edit. This app is best for Instagram stories, Snapchat stories, and Tiktok videos.

filmr app pro

Downloading and installing free paid apps is fun as well as a jackpot, similarly using premium features on Android smartphones can be more fun. You can try these modded apps if you have an Android smartphone or you can refer to your friends. Do not forget to bookmark this page and turn the notifications on and do not miss any update on the free paid apps when available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this legit?

Answer: Of course, it is legit. You are downloading the apps officially from the App Store.

Question: Do I need a credit card to transact?

Answer: You don’t need to attach your credit card. However, you might need it to verify your account on App Store at the beginning of setting the account.

Question: What if I uninstall it and want to download it later?

Answer: Once you download the app in the free offer period, then you are eligible to download it again when the price is set back.

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