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List of Top Custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite [Android 10]

Xiaomi is well-known for its MIUI operating system which is its native ROM for all its MI and Note series smartphones. But, there are many people who would like to test new custom ROM for MI CC9 and MI 9 Lite.

In this article, we are going to share the list of top custom ROMs for MI 9 Lite and MI CC9 based on the latest Android 10. The following custom ROMs are based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which is a  light-weight and performance-oriented ROM for Android smartphones.

Custom ROM for Mi CC9

Top 10 Custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite [Android 10]

The following custom ROMs are all based on Android 10 and require an unlocked bootloader, followed by it can be flashed with the help of TWRP custom recovery, please follow this guide before downloading any custom ROM.

1. LineageOS 17.1 for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

LineageOS is the king of all custom ROMs for Android smartphones. Formerly known as CyanogenMod has been popular among the custom ROM lovers. The ROM has basic apps pre-installed, making it light-weight and smaller in size.

Mi CC9 custom ROM

The LineageOS is a community built custom ROM which is free and is designed to increase the initial performance and the reliability over the stock Android. To flash this ROM, you must wipe the Data, Dalvik, Cache and System and then flash the ROM along with GApps.

Download LineageOS custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

2. Pixel Experience for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

The Pixel Experience ROM is based on AOSP that is the replica of the native operating system of Google Pixel smartphones. The ROM consists of various features of the Google Pixel such as the fonts, boot animation, wallpapers, styles, etc.

Mi CC9 custom ROM

Pixel Experience provides a pure AOSP user interface with basic applications needed to run a smartphone on a daily basis. The ROM is at its initial stage, and you may face small errors such as the FM radio not working and SELinux to be permissive. The latest Android security patch has been included in the package and flashing this ROM doesn’t require any GApps.

Download Pixel Experience custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

3. crDroid Android 6.4 for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

crDroid is a custom ROM designed to increase the performance and the stability over the stock Android. The developers have implemented the best available features in this ROM. crDroid is well-known for gaming as it provides immense performance and lag-free experience.

Mi CC9 custom ROM

The custom ROM has a simple design and has over 40+ options for customizing. The latest Android security patch has been added along with some new and latest features.

Download crDroid Android custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

4. ArrowOS V10.1 for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

ArrowOS brings some new features for Mi CC9 as it is based on the AOSP/CAF project that aims in keeping the UI simple, neat, and clean. One of the smoothest custom ROM for Android that provides better battery backup on normal usage.

custom ROM for Mi CC9

There are few bugs at the moment such as FM Radio, HDR not available in-camera, frequent freezing of at the lock screen. However, in the future updates, these bugs will be fixed as promised by the developer—Flash GApps along with the ROM through the custom recovery menu.

ArrowOS is an AOSP/CAF based project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat.

Download ArrowOS custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

5. MIUI Mix 2.0 for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

MIUI Mix is developed by the MMX Team which is a new custom ROM based on Xiaomi EU MIUI ROM. The ROM is much smoother and provides better battery life on moderate usage. The MIUI Mix has Magisk pre-installed, and GApps included.

custom ROM for Mi CC9

You will have to format the data of your device from the TWRP recovery menu if you are on any MIUI based ROM. If you are coming from any other custom ROM then just wipe the Data, Dalvik, Cache and System and then flash the ROM.

Download MIUI MIX 2.0 custom ROM for Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

How To Flash a Custom ROM on Mi CC9/Mi 9 Lite

Step 1: Reboot to TWRP custom recovery. Power off your mobile and then press Volume Up + Power Button for a few seconds until you get a vibration.

Step 2: In the TWRP interface, go to Wipe > Advance and then tick Cache, Dalvik, Data, System and swipe to wipe.

Step 3: Press the home button and then tap on Install.

Step 4: Navigate to the folder where your custom ROM is located.

Step 5: Now select the custom ROM and the GApps (optional) and swipe to install.

Step 6: Reboot to the system. (Wait for 2-5 minutes depending on the custom ROM).


Custom ROMs provide better battery backup and more performance over the Stock ROM. Also, AOSP based ROMs have a clean user interface with no bloatware applications. Every custom ROM has its individual features and design but their purpose stays the same. You can flash all the above custom ROMs and test them which suits your need.

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