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Top 5 AWS Dropbox Alternatives In 2023 For Free

The possibilities offered by technology are increasing steadily day by day. Although it has not been five years since the world’s introduced cloud technology, this hosting service has occupied almost all of our lives.

Dropbox is the most used cloud‐based hosting site in the world today. Although considered superior to its competitors in terms of technology and speed, it gives 2GB of free storage to its users; Almost this space is insufficient for even two movies.

AWS Dropbox Alternative

Fortunately, as cloud hosting systems’ awareness increased, some Enterprise Dropbox alternative gave the same service, considering their free users, and giants such as Dropbox lost users. If you also complain about the space, Dropbox has given you and do not want to pay money when they have free ones, and you can use the following platforms safely.

Google Drive

AWS Dropbox Alternative

Google Drive offers 15GB of free hosting space to its users and unlimited storage for photos. Still, if you wish, you can purchase additional hosting capacity at very low prices compared to others. If you use Gmail, Google +, or similar Google services, you can make your hosting and share much more accessible.

Google Drive is the world’s top storage cloud service that provided a high capacity for its users to manage their data. With the up-gradation of Google plans, you can access storage up to 30TB.

Microsoft OneDrive

AWS Dropbox Alternative

If you intend to use this platform for free, you will have s storage of 5GB of personal cloud storage. Onedrive is perfect for windows users, and if you have window ten installed on your Pc, you can automatically sync files to the cloud, also on Mac, iOS, and android. And this area is sufficient for your files, photos and all kinds of documents.


AWS Dropbox Alternative

Mega is the best AWS Dropbox Alternative (Amazon Web Service) provides AWS file sharing, cloud storage, remote access, folder permission, secure data room, link sharing, co-editing, extensive folder access, and the most one is user rights.

Mega is the best Dropbox Alternative service providing a lot of remote access to file servers without the using of VPN or other types of proxy changing software.

It provides a wide range of data privacy and secures your files. Also, help us access file storage, cloud storage, cloud migration, Secure file sharing, etc. Easy to use is the topmost configuration system includes in Mega. It helps the users to configure settings according to their needs.

Secure file sharing and remote access are the best points that keep the attachment of the user to secure their personal data, official files, such as audios, videos and office files. All features are helping the users to increase their efficiency.

Box offers 10GB of hosting space to all its free users, and as a great feature, this app works amazingly with your phones and tablets. The only downside that might prevent you from using the service is that you can share files up to 250MB; of course, this is only for free users. You can capture photos with mobile or tablets and upload them into the box with a portable box application.

Team Drive

Like, Team Drive offers free 10GB hosting space to all its users, and you can easily send the files you want to keep to your storage space with the desktop application. While this synchronization service provides incredible time savings, it is possible to share the file you upload, whether it is a video, a photo, a document, or music, with just one click.

 Suppose you have business documents or private files that you want to have high security. In that case, Team Drive may be the best option for you because, unlike its competitors, it stores user information with a unique encryption technique.

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