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5 Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android For Free

In the era of social networking, everyone is obsessed with images and videos, editing and uploading. It has become a competition among friends, colleagues and others to share the best available image or video of theirs to social media platforms. Well, if you are one of them, then this article is going to help you out to animate photos on Android for free. You might know how much trending animated images, GIFs and videos are these days on these micro-blogging platforms.

Apps for Android to animate photos

Uploading an image without adding a filter effect and animation to the videos is like a crime, but also it is easy to implement. Well, we are humble to Google Play Store for allowing developers to distribute their photo editing apps for free. If you are planning to get the most out of these apps then you have come to the right place, we have hand-picked the five best apps for animating a still photo.

5 Best Apps To Animate Photos On Android For Free

While there are many applications to animate photos on Android that are available on the Google Play Store, most of them are useless and have tonnes of advertisements. We have manually selected the five best apps and tested it on our device, which gave us promising results. Let us check out the apps that are going to change the photography style of yours.

1. StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker

This app is for advanced users, but you can learn it very quickly. It helps you create visual stories from still images and makes them come to life. It offers a lot of exciting and useful features with many options for layers and filters. The app also lets you create a profile just Instagram where you can post your animated photos, and people can like and follow you.

Animate Photos On Android

Download StoryZ Photo Motion & Video Maker from Play Store

2. PixaMotion Loop

One of the newest app in this segment, yet it can create live photos, live wallpapers, and moving background creator that can be used on your smartphone. Pixamotion Loop has a unique feature of creating amazing short videos. The editor can handle creating stunning live photos in motion in a quick period. You can edit and share your live photos to social platforms from within the application.

motion loop application

Download PixaMotion Loop from Play Store

3. ImgPlay

ImgPlay has a lot of features like turning a video to GIF, photos to GIF, edit GIF, and edit photos from the gallery. The user interface of ImgPlay is more user-friendly and cleaner than other photo editing apps. It is well organised and does what it is meant to do, and you won’t find any bloatware and useless features that take up space. Since it is lightweight and does not have any advertisements, it comes with a drawback that is it sticks a watermark to the editing images.

ImgPlay Application

Download ImgPlay from Play Store

4. Movepic

Movepic is one of the most excellent tools to animate photos on Android smartphone that has advanced tools, dynamic overlays, glitch and VHS effects and analogue film presets. Much more similar to Pixaloop, it has new filters that can apply to animated images or videos. You will get a watermark on the edited photos and videos, but you can remove it by upgrading to a premium version.

Movepic application

Download Movepic from Play Store

5. Enlight Pixaloop

One of the best and top-rated application that can animate photos on Android, which is available on the Google Play Store. It can animate still images and create them into short stories and much more. A lot of filter options are there where you can create cinematic type videos with unique overlays and animations.

Enlight Pixaloop - Photo Animator

Download Enlight Pixaloop from Play Store

If you are fond of applications in dark mode, then check out these 10 applications, which have a dark-mode feature inbuilt. You may also want to try these modded applications that will enhance the user experience of yours.

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