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How To Activate Frenzy Mode in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is on the trending list nowadays, which has got millions of downloads last month. The game is very addictive with the addition of Frenzy mode, and if you have played it, then you must know why everybody likes it so much. In the beginning, the game might seem to be simple and boring, but once you start playing and unlock the features, you will have an adventurous tour.

The most popular feature is the Frenzy Mode, which mocks you to win again and again. While this mode can help you win the game, which you seem to have already lost can be activated through a simple method.

Mario Kart Tour Guide If you are still confused about Mario Kart Tour and how to enable the Frenzy Mode, then let me give you a little bit of an idea about it.

Frenzy Mode

In Mario Kart Tour, the Frenzy Mode frees your driver or the glider from any limitations or restrictions whatsoever. When you activate the Frenzy Mode, then your driver and the Kart both become invincible, and the items which are collected in this mode becomes limitless. The Frenzy Mode boosts Kart’s speed and pushes you to the finish line while in that short period, you can collect as many items as you can.

There have been several games in the past, such as GTA V, Watchdogs, etc. which gives the same impression of how invincibility works. Frenzy Mode is somewhat a kind of mod, but you get it legally in the game itself, where you get unlimited power and boost.

The Frenzy Mode entirely takes a turn in the game drastically, and the thrill of playing the game increases more. However, this mode cannot be implemented like those trainers or external mods, but if you are lucky, then you might get the chance to activate the mode. It depends upon your sheer luck and presence of mind together to get the Frenzy Mode.

frenzy mode in mario kart tour

Let us not make things complicated and give you the complete guide on how to get Frenzy Mode in Mario Kart easily. But, do remember to have patience and determination while you play the game and try to get the Frenzy Mode activated.

Easy Way To Get Mario Kart Tour Frenzy Mode

Step 1: For activating the Frenzy Mode in Mario Kar Tour, the character and track should match each other.

Step 2: If you are racing Mario in the Browser’s Castle, then you should choose the Browser as the driver or glider.

Step 3: You must be aware of the game loading three items at the top of the screen during a race, and all these items should be the same to activate the Frenzy Mode.

Step 4: Throughout the race, the items will keep changing, so keep that in your mind.

Step 5: When you see all the three items are matching, this is the moment the Frenzy Mode will be activated.

Step 6: As we already discussed that this mode gets activated for a few seconds, so utilize it to the maximum amount and collect all the items available.

Step 7: Very well, now you have unlocked the easiest way to get the Frenzy Mode activated.

Step 8: Enjoy

Download Mario Kart Tour

Download Mario Kart Tour for Android from Google Play Store

Download Mario Kart Tour for the iOS device from Apple Store


Mario Kart Tour is a very entertaining and addictive game for both iOS and Android devices; you may even try it playing on your computer using the help of an emulator on a PC or Macbook. Mario Kart Tour cherishes the childhood memories of playing Super Mario on a video game emulator on a Television. If you have any questions or have any problem installing the game or activating the Frenzy Mode, then leave a comment below.

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